Credential Verification

This is the verification service for OADSP (Ohio Alliance of Direct Support Professionals). Individuals who have successfully completed professional training and development programs offered by OADSP ‐ including DSPaths, DSP-U, and other programs ‐ as well as potential and current employers and regulating bodies may use this service to download documentation of program completion and/or verify qualifications. This documentation can be used for a variety of professional purposes, including compensation support.


To search for an individual's credentials and/or transcript, please enter the individual's last name and date of birth, and click SEARCH. If you are unsure of the spelling of the last name, enter the first letter. If DOB is unknown, enter 01/01/1900.

Last Name:    

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To generate a list of individuals in a particular region, please select either the Credentialing Region or County AND the program, then click LIST. Please note:

  • The Credentialing Region for any given individual is entered upon the individual's registered completion of a program, which may not reflect the individual's current location.
  • Current County locations are known and entered only for individuals in recent contact with OADSP who wish to display that information
Credentialing Region  


Please contact OADSP (866-862-2322) if:

  • You cannot find your own or another individual's records
  • You would like to update your current location
  • You need any other kind of assistance with this service
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