East Muskingum Local School District

Superintendent Search Survey



The East Muskingum Local Board of Education is seeking your assistance in securing a new superintendent. The board is asking you to complete this anonymous survey about the qualifications, experiences, and priority concerns for a new superintendent because your input is an important factor of this process.


We understand this survey may take some time to fully complete. The East Muskingum Local Board of Education values your feedback on this critical decision. If you are a staff member with a student attending East Muskingum Local Schools, you may complete this survey twice – once as a parent and once as a staff member.


All survey responses must be submitted by November 16, 2018.

Please identify your source of interest in the school system.

Expectations for new superintendent

Everyone has different expectations of the qualifications and experiences of a new superintendent. We are seeking your input in these areas. Please rate the importance of each expectation.

  Not at All Important  Mildly Important Moderately Important Very Important Extremely Important Not Applicable

1. Experience as a superintendent.

2. Experience as a building principal.

3. Experience as a classroom teacher.

4. Experience in and working knowledge of sound fiscal management procedures.

5. Successful experience with operating levies and bond issue campaigns.

6. Working knowledge of grants and procedures for applying.

7. Experience/ability to plan and supervise buildings and grounds maintenance programs.

8. Experience/ability to organize and operate food service program.

9. Experience/ability to organize and operate a transportation program.

10. Demonstrates willingness and ability to assume role of educational leader in the community.

11. Consistently keeps the board informed in a variety of ways.

12. Management style includes interaction and communication with students at all levels in the system.

13. Ability to develop both short and long-range goals.

14. Working knowledge of Ohio school law.

15. Ability to develop and direct an effective management team.

16. Ability to communicate school budgeting process and other laws and regulations pertaining to Ohio school finance.

17. Should be accessible and respond to concerns in a timely manner.

18. Ability to effectively select, assign, supervise, and evaluate staff.

19. Receptive to new ideas.

20. Progressive yet realistic educational philosophy.

21. Experience/ability to identify district curriculum needs and resolve curriculum issues.

22. Demonstrates excellent speaking skills with large and small groups.

23. Demonstrates excellent writing skills.

24. A community-oriented person who has high interest and involvement in a broad range of community groups and activities.

25. A strong academic background with successful experience in program development and evaluation.

26. Possesses an interest in the continuation of professional growth for all staff.

Employment Criteria

27. Identify four areas of expertise you prefer in your new superintendent (choose only 4).

28. Identify three skills you prefer in your new superintendent (choose only 3).

Priority Concerns

Which of the following are current or future priorities that are or will be significant for your new superintendent to address? No Concern Some Concern Significant Concern Critical/Immediate Concern Not Applicable

29. Adequacy of facilities

30. Working with special interest groups

31. Curriculum/textbooks

32. Budget/financial management

33. Bond or levy approval

34. Bussing/support-services

35. Board/superintendent relationship

36. Board/community relations

37. Athletics/fine arts/student activities

38. Academic standards/test scores

39. Board/district vision and goals

40. Employee performance/evaluations

41. Efficiency of operations

42. Safety of school facilities


43. What are you proud of related to East Muskingum Local School District?

44. What are the challenges facing the East Muskingum Local School District?

45. Is there anything we've missed that you would like to share?​